• Strawberry Letter 234:59

Company Information 


we are a full service media company. we can provide professional photography 

and live DJ / audio PRODUCTION on location within the metro atlanta area.  


 Hi there!

You found me! My name is James and I have been a creative creature all my life. I am drawn to music that moves, images that engage, and movies that make you cry. It is the emotional moment that happens in an instant that you will always remember and it is those special opportunities that I will never forget.  I am honored that you would consider my services and I am equally excited to get to know you and discuss how I can make your day unforgettable!

I am a teacher. I am an inspiration. I have been instructing students how to record live events for more than 20 years. My passion is to create a visual canvas where beautiful meets thoughtful in a meaningful way.  I see splendor in simple things and majesty in the mundane.  It is not by accident that we have come to this place in time. Let me start down this journey with you and document the snapshots that will be the inauguration of the rest of your life.
Yours truly,
James Dinsmoor

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